NYS Energy Code


The Ehrenkrantz Group as consultant to the New York State Energy Office, provided architectural support in developing the first State Energy Conservation Construction Code in 1978. Barry Donaldson managed the code development work and provided training to architects, engineers and code officials throughout NY State.

NYS Energy Code 1979.

NYS Energy Code 1979.


Building Energy Performance Standards


The development of whole building energy performance standards involved work with the American Institute of Architects (AIA/RC) and the US Department of Energy in 1978, and included surveys of energy use for more than 2,000 buildings to establish energy budgets by building type and climate.

Building Energy Performance Standards, USDOE 1978

Building Energy Performance Standards, USDOE 1978


ASHRAE / IES Standard 90


Barry Donaldson was chairman of the lighting subcommittee for Standard 90, and participated in the envelope subcommittee. The work on Standard 90 lasted 8 years and involved extensive standards development and public review.