Barry Donaldson Associates brings over 40 years of experience in energy efficient and sustainable design and construction. The firm works with owners and developers, A&E design teams, construction managers, and the commercial building industry to further sustainable building practices. The majority of the firm’s work is to provide design and technical assistance during design and construction, including site and environmental studies, energy and cost/benefit analyses of different designs, material and resource evaluation, indoor environmental quality evaluation, review of applicable codes and standards, and LEED evaluation and certification. We have been deeply involved in the development of energy codes, guidelines and standards for ‘green’ design, and programs to support sustainable building practices.

Energy and Environment Services


• High Performance Workshops
• Sustainable Goals & Performance Benchmarks
• Advise on Design and Technical Alternatives
• Review Innovative Technologies and Applications


• Thermal Analysis of Different Envelope Designs
• Daylighting and Lighting Analysis
• Whole Building Energy and Cost Benefit Studies


• LEED Evaluation and Certification
• Material & Resources Evaluation
• Renewable Energy Sources (e.g. solar thermal,photovoltaic, wind)
• ‘Green’ Specifications Commissioning:
• Building Commissioning and Re-commissioning

Federal & State Incentive Programs

• USDOE High Performance Building Program
• NYSERDA New Construction Program
• NYSERDA “Flextech” Program
• NYSERDA “Energy Star” Multi-Family Performance Program